” Your life as a teacher begins the day you realize that you are always a learner.” – Robert John Meehan

I decided to begin blogging about education after completing my very first-year as an educator this past school year. The first-year teaching experience can either drive a once motivated teacher away from the field, or pull them in closer. Despite the strenuous moments of my first-year teaching experience, it is safe to say that I was pulled in after all. I have learned so many unparalleled things along the way that I am so eager to share with others. It is so salient to never stop learning regardless of the fact that we (teachers) are always the people delivering lessons to others.

I want to inspire my readers  ( especially those like myself who are new to the profession) through sharing my knowledge, perspectives, and insights on many different aspects within the field of education.I embrace debates, discussions, differing perspectives, and insights that may challenge what I believe. Let’s learn and grow together!

With love,